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Breast Surgery

Rex Surgical Specialists has been providing comprehensive breast care to the women of the Triangle for more than 60 years and continues to be one of the area's leading breast care centers. Our approach focuses on the complete care of the woman with breast concerns.

We offer education, discussion, counseling, and individualized treatment planning to women with benign, suspicious, and malignant breast diseases. Our primary concern is providing compassionate expert care in a supportive environment.

Our physicians can now provide many services in the office setting, allowing for more prompt diagnosis.  We have extensive experience and training in all of the advanced breast cancer treatment modalities. Services we provide include the following:

Mammogram review
Breast ultrasound
Minimally invasive breast biopsy
Partial breast radiation
Breast conservation therapy
Sentinel node biopsy
Coordination of multidisciplinary care
Breast disease education and prevention

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